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Our team

Our Team

Our people are what makes our organisation an inspiring, amazing, and vibrant place to work and shop. We believe that everyday can turn in to a style statement and want to inspire every woman to feel confident, feminine, and empowered through fashion. We’re always looking for passionate and driven individuals to join the team who truly believe this too.


Personal and professional growth is actively supported and encouraged, through training, development, mentoring and well established career pathways.

Our pillars

Our Pillars

At SHEIKE we all work to make a meaningful, positive and measurable impact each day. We are each responsible for reflecting on our actions and changing the way we work to ensure we always make a positive contribution to our customers, teams, business and environment.

We believe everyone has an equally valuable perspective that should be included and reflected in the work we do. We all work as one collaborative team, where everyone is respected and given the chance to contribute. We talk to our customers and team often and respond quickly to feedback so that they always feel heard. Their insights guide our decisions. We make sure we represent the voices of those different to us in all that we do, so that we may reflect the rich diversity of our customers and communities.

We pride ourselves on always striving for exceptional quality, style and experiences that grow our community. Every day we aim to inspire greatness and offer a remarkable customer experience. We stay curious and search for better ways of working, so that we can bring our best to work every day, ensuring we contribute something special to our brand experience.

Our commitment

Our Commitment

At SHEIKE we’re committed to the development of our Team. We take a holistic approach to understand each team member and partner with them to achieve their goals and dreams. Each day, you will find endless learning opportunities and a team that will support you to conquer your ambitions, inspire greatness and offer a remarkable customer experience. At SHEIKE we celebrate regularly with a simple thank you, a gesture of recognition and a commemoration of milestones achieved.

SHEIKE is proud to be an equal opportunity employer that celebrates diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive workplace. This commitment is built into our pillars creating a safe environment for our team, customers, and community. All applications are considered based on their qualifications and business needs.