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Starting as a stand at Sydney Markets, SHEIKE has always believed that style is the way you show who you are without saying a word. 

Officially launching the brand in 1979, SHEIKE founder George Lazaridis opened our first women’s apparel store under Sydney’s Iconic Centrepoint Tower. With this, George wanted to create a space for women to experience the joy, excitement, glamour, and empowerment that comes from fashion. From here, SHEIKE began to evolve, and our family of like-minded people grew.

Over the last forty years, SHEIKE has remained a family-owned business in Australia, with over 50 stores nationally and a dedicated online presence. SHEIKE promises to help shape the big and small moments in their customers’ lives through timeless design and beautiful details.

The product

The Product

SHEIKE empowers through bold, feminine designs that promise to leave a lasting impression. We believe every woman deserves a wardrobe filled with high-quality pieces -confidence through style and at an affordable price.

Our customer

Our Customer

The SHEIKE customer believes there is beauty to be found in every moment. They are energised by the world around them - from their social life to their personal style, they are fun and curious. They want every moment to feel special and we want to play a part in that.