Day Dresses

Ever feel like you just don’t have the energy to curate an entire look? We all have those moments – but that’s where day dresses shine! No trying to pair ‘this’ with ‘that’; no ‘will these colours clash?’ or ‘can I wear thistop with thatskirt?’ – with a day dress, it’s as simple as throw it on and go. Easy! 

Don’t get us wrong, though – the day dress isn't a boring outfit pick. Far from it, in fact. With SHEIKE’s range of gorgeous day dresses, there's a piece to suit any mood, not to mention your own style and personality. Choose from wear-anywhere neutrals and super-fun bright colours, sweet pastels and a huge array of prints to express your own personal fashion credo. 

A glam dress for a night out is a no-brainer, but it’s easy to make your day dresses look like a million bucks, too. Add abelt here, a pair of new-season shoes there – and, of course, don’t forget all the extras that make your outfit sing, fromearrings tobags and more. 

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