Discover Autumn Winter 2023, EN VOYAGE set against the backdrop of the city skyline. The minimalism of a concrete cityscape serves as a blank canvas for richlycoloured compositions and exaggerated proportions. An understated contrast bringing to life an urban escape. EN VOYAGE echoes the energy, strength and essence of big city glamour. Designed with you in mind, Autumn Winter 23 channels its wearer to feel strength and empowerment through dressing up. Step out and make an entrance. Introducing edgy outerwear, dressed-up denim and rosettes larger than life. At the heart of our design philosophy, each piece exudes feminine design codes to sublime effect. From head-to-toe black to punchy pastels and look-at-me colour, there's more than one reason to head out this season.

SHEIKE signatures also feature heavy - modernised suiting, faux leather separates and statement accessories designed to create a dynamic wardrobe for the season ahead. Dresses made to transition seamlessly from day to night; combining an emphasis between volume, form and function. A harmonious balance of slinky silhouettes, ruching and draping reflects the quintessence and perpetual modernity of the SHEIKE aesthetic. The freedom of a voyage, of coming and going, departing and arriving. Inspired by the transformative power of fashion melded with the city's multifaceted beauty. You're invited to experience EN VOYAGE - a celebration of exploration and escapism.

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