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From family bonds to first dates, we introduce a series of Love Stories. Love is the core of being human, and forging relationships with people is what keeps life exciting and meaningful.

Throughout the month of February, friends and muses of the brand reflect on their favourite memories together and how they celebrate love every day.

Love doesn't have a language, race or gender.

Deni Todorovic

Creator, Author and Activist Deni Todorovic is joined by their mother, Maca. Ever since Deni was young, the pair celebrated love in the simplest forms and continue to inspire each other every day.

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When I pictured my future, he [Mark] was always there in it.

Nonny Mulholland

Melbourne-based Model and Content Creator Nonny Mulholland and Mark first met in high school. Ten years later, we sit down with Nonny and now-fiancée Mark as they share the story of their connection, their love and their future together.

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Love is something that gives you purpose, inspiration and comfort.

Dylan Cooper
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Dylan (Senior Designer at SHEIKE) and Cristina have been best friends for fifteen years. In this love story of friendship, the pair talk to us about what makes their bond so special.

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Lauren has taught me to slow down and live in the moment.

Paris Jacobsen
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Content Creator and Stylist Paris Jacobson and her partner, Lauren share their story of unconditional love and the biggest lessons they have learnt from each other.

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There's no bigger blessing than to deeply love someone and be truly loved by them in return.

Monica Morales

Fashion Stylist Monica Morales sits down with her sister and best friend, Andrea to talk to us about some of their favourite moments together growing up and how they stay connected.

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