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Melbourne-based Model and Content Creator, Nonny Mulholland first met her now-fiancée Mark in high school, but their love story didn’t start there.

“We didn’t speak one word to each other while at school” says Nonny when telling us the story of how they met.

Ten years later, and with wedding bells on the horizon, Nonny and Mark are building a life full of special memories together.

The day we got engaged was one of the best days of our lives. I was so emotional even though I already knew we were forever.

I booked us a trip to Hayman Island. On the day of our engagement, I planned a helicopter tour over the reef. But I kept Nonny waiting and didn’t ask her until after our dinner that night. I planned to do it earlier but I sort of got scared!

But finally as we were finishing up dinner, I got down on one knee!

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Nonny has always been by my side. I’d found that person who would stick with me when hitting the lowest of lows in life. She’s never given up on me.

I’m so excited to share a life together with Mark, knowing
we have each other in our corners supporting and encouraging along the way.

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