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A classic with its roots in the 1920s designs of Coco Chanel. 100 years later, the Little Black Dress (commonly known as the LBD) is still the defining landmark of every tasteful wardrobe. Here’s how to find your very own LBD for any occasion — plus some alternative ways to bring the effect of an LBD to your everyday.

classic in black

Maybe it goes without saying, but your little black dress should be black. They're timeless, feminine, flattering, and look good on any skin tone.

Rather than restricting your choice, this is your chance to get creative. Colour is just the beginning — it’s time to get creative with texture, fabric, silhouettes and even length (little doesn’t have to mean mini).

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The appeal of the Little Black Dress is in its versatility and event-readiness. No matter where you're headed — a chic bar for a last-minute date night, a crowded rooftop for afternoon drinks with the girls, or a formal cocktail party — your LBD is ready to impress.

The LBD makes your choice easy: mid-length, semi-formal, sophisticated, and works from early evening to after dark.

If you want a cheat code for finding an LBD, start with a cocktail dress.

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The traditional Little Black Dress is designed for turning heads. If the event you’re attending is formal or semi-formal, you may be looking for a dress with a little more length.

Black, midi-length and maxi-length dresses are staples in our collection of event-ready dresses for a reason. They’re timeless, elegant, and can be dressed up or down to suit the exact occasion.

If you’re looking for an LBD you can wear to a gala or to a special event — start with event dresses.

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Since its inception, the LBD has always been about being confident, modern and elegant. It was designed to turn heads, spark conversation, and inspire.

So let's take a moment to consider: what if your Little Black Dress wasn't a Little Black Dress at all?

LBD with a twist

The LBD has always been about the contrast between meeting and subverting fashion standards. What better way to look great and surprise than with a chic black jumpsuit or playsuit?

Look for fitted styling, comfortable fabrics and a flattering length.

Dressed up or down, a black playsuit or jumpsuit is a great wardrobe staple that can take you from day to night, desk to restaurant, or party to party as the weather cools through the evening.

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Pairing a black top and a bottom together can be a timeless alternative way to play with the silhouette of the Little Black Dress.

Style a tailored top with a classic skirt or pant to achieve the elegance of an LBD in a different silhouette. This offers versatility, giving you more outfitting options from your wardrobe. Consider contrasts in cuts, fabrics and textures for something a little special. 

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Want the ease of an LBD without the commitment to a single outfit? 

Look for an oversized tailored blazer or a longline trench. Layer easily over a neutral ensemble to take your outfit from day to night, desk to dinner, restaurant to bar. 

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Every LBD needs the perfect accessories. From statement earrings to mini bags, elevate your look for an entrance to remember.