With Love

Inspired by the attitude of Parisian coolness and that nonchalant elegance we all dream about. Modern and romantic, alluring and dynamic. A love for dressing that exudes confidence and commands attention.

Master chic tailoring in refined suiting in timeless black and cream. There’s structure in styles made to layer and relaxed simplicity across languid blazer and pant sets.

Playing with contrasts, there are juxtapositions between silky fabrications and moody dip dye prints, chunky chain finishes across feminine silhouettes, there’s symmetry and there’s asymmetry.

Sequins are present in all forms, from crystal-coated detailing to high-shine and high-glamour dresses. Skirts shapes are given a rounded femininity through layers of tulle - a marriage of texture and tone to create luxurious silhouettes.

WITH LOVE delivers a modern vocabulary of dressing, full of vim and vitality. An attitude, a love.

From Paris, With Love.

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