Artist and cultured globetrotter, we sit down with the artist behind ATLAS, Adrianne Dimitrakakis.
She shares with us her artistic style, inspirations and experience collaborating with SHEIKE.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Adrianne Dimitrakakis. I’m a full-time artist creating mixed media artworks that have been inspired by my travels and places I’d love to visit.
I’ve lived in Byron for the last four years and have recently moved back down to Victoria, which has been a nice change.
I love life by the sea and being on the road travelling.

How would you describe your artistic style and how has this evolved over the years?
My style is retro inspired with heavy texture and bold colours. I like to build my works to have a vintage worn-off feel, much like an old mural you’d find travelling. My style has evolved over the last five years. I used to illustrate hand-drawn maps of different locations I’d travelled to in a more minimalist style. I loved creating them but wanted to introduce colour and different elements, which slowly developed my newer style. I missed working in colour and wanted it to be more free, loose, and true to me.

My style is retro inspired with heavy texture and bold colours.

What do you look for in collaborations and how
did this influence your approach to creating a capsule collection with SHEIKE?

I look for alignment on the intended end result and how receptive a partner is to having my artwork authentic and true to my style. This particular collaboration with SHEIKE was great, especially working on the ideas together and having an aligned vision. I love the oversized artwork placement over the apparel - it looks visually impactful, unique and true to the artwork.

Tell us more about the inspiration behind Pine Lime.

Pine Lime was so fun to create! I wanted to do a fruit or flavour that was tropical and lent itself to experimenting more with colour. I love pine lime-flavoured things and so I was having a bit of fun with that too!

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?
Oooh that’s tough… maybe the shirt! I love a good party shirt!

SHEIKE has always believed that style is the way you show who you are without saying a word. Do you feel the same way about your art?
Definitely! I do also think that with art, it’s a bit of a dreamland and a place to step into a different culture and push it further than what you may be used to. Like an element of alter-ego. With my art, I find that it’s mostly about creating things I love in my style, but at times I gravitate towards creating something quite niche and then I move on to something different. I think that’s
what’s exciting about creating art - it’s almost like living different versions of yourself!

Tell us about your favourite travel destination and where you’re heading off to next?
There are so many places I love for different reasons. I love Greece so much as it’s part of my dad’s culture. I know a bit of the language, and the food and people are just the best. Plus, it’s stunning! But I think Tahiti is one of my favourites. It’s just so beautiful and natural in its beauty that you truly feel like you’re living with nature. Where I’m heading next? Well, I’m currently on a beach in Tasmania and traveling along the East Coast, but I’m keen to get to a tropical location next year. Not sure exactly where yet, though. I’m a bit of an impromptu traveller.