Take a trip in our time machine where we celebrate the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood through a medley of metallicsand unparalleled exaggeration of extra-special detail. We're setting a gold standard; a world of our own where dreams are never forgotten, and good times keep on rolling.

This collection stays true to our core highlighting individuality and bold impacts. Amid untamed backdrops of the natural world, we embrace a spirit of adventure.

The fabrics are opulent and shimmer in the sunlight. Prints of postcard motifs and heavenly, peaceful blues and greens are prevalent, as are dramatic ruffles and long, draped effects. Then come punchy hues of contrasting pinks and tangerines - charged and intense. And diamante-encrusted, slouchy denim that introduces an element of instant cool for your next after dark occasion.

ARCADIA was made to evoke a timeless charm; an invitation to bring your own shine and elevate your every day.

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